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T&T Landscaping has been bringing exceptional service and impeccable outdoor beauty to our neighbors in Amherst, Ohio and the surrounding areas for many years. We are proud to serve the following areas: Sandusky, Erie, Lorain, Cuyahoga, Medina, Huron, and Ottawa counties.

Don’t see your area on the list? Give us a call at (440) 320-3216 and we’ll let you know if we can help service your area, too!

We strive to make your property the best looking lawn on the block, and your satisfaction is vital to that goal. With high-quality work and competitive pricing, we are a trusted choice to bring your yard or landscaping to the next level. Plus, all our lawn services are guaranteed.



We understand that a landscape design is much more than just sod and trees. Each landscape design is as unique as the client who commissions it. Whether it is a beautiful garden, an outdoor kitchen or custom patio, we will make your dream a reality. We take a holistic approach to your design, looking at every area of the property and how it can be utilized to bring our shared vision to life.

We begin your landscape design process by carefully examining your property and your goals for the space. The professionals at T&T Landscaping will craft a design that is beautiful, sustainable & works for your budget. Our experienced team will help you prioritize goals and set realistic budgets to ensure the end result is everything you hoped it would be.



Do you want to create a lasting first impression on your guests with stunning patio designs? T&T Landscaping has many years of experience and intrinsic knowledge in designing magnificent patios to help you do just that. Our patio installation prices are competitive and our unique touches ensure your patio becomes a backyard oasis for the whole family.

Not sure what style you want? We offer a wide range of patio ideas to help you choose the one that will make your property stand out. We have constructed some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces for our clients so that they can kick back, relax, and enjoy their patio with friends and family. Our innovative ideas as landscape design experts add a unique touch to every structure we build. If you’re looking to build or repair your patio, call T&T Landscaping for a free quote.

Patio Installation


Our custom outdoor bar and grill areas allow our clients to entertain and relax in nature. T&T Landscaping gives you the freedom to design the perfect oasis for you and your family. Whether you enjoy entertaining for two or twenty, we will make sure your guests feel at home, outside.

A truly inspired outdoor kitchen is much more than just a grill. Our designers at T&T Landscaping will help you see how the kitchen island will impact the entire design. We will help you select a finish that compliments the architecture and style of your home. Whether it is classical or modernized, we will find an option that is perfect for the outdoor bar and grill area. Even the countertop itself is an opportunity to elevate the overall design. Our designers will guide you through the options to create an outdoor living space that both you and your guests will love.

Creating a truly outstanding outdoor kitchen space is also about designing the elements that surround it. Our designers will help you create an environment that is an extension of your home and just as welcoming. If you would like more information or inspiring ideas, we suggest a design consultation with one our team members to help you begin creating your perfect outdoor bar and grill area.

Outdoor Bar & Grill


Hardscape construction is as much an art as it is a science. The designers at T&T Landscaping will help you filter through the limitless amount of hardscape color, texture and finish options for your landscape design. For instance, you may want the old-world feel of natural flagstone for your new patio. Or, maybe you want the vibrant texture of concrete pavers for a garden pathway. Or, there is always the simplicity of well-finished concrete for a driveway or storage area. We will look at how each option affects the functionality, overall design, and of course your budget.

Struggling to decide what concrete options may work best for your landscape design? T&T Landscaping will introduce you to numerous natural slate, concrete paver, stamped concrete, broken concrete, and tile options to consider. To help you refine your selection, we suggest a complimentary design consultation with one of our team members so that we can help you find an option that is a perfect fit for you and your home.


grading & excavation

Excavation is an essential first step for many renovation projects, and by contacting T&T Landscaping you can get things started on the right foot. T&T Landscaping is skilled in all areas of excavation and grading, with up to date machinery and a highly-experienced staff, we are able to work on projects of all sizes. When our workers are finished, we make sure to leave the area in an orderly state, so you can move immediately to the next phase of your project, rather than wasting time and money cleaning up the mess left on your property.

We are always sure to provide our clients with a quote before our shovels touch the ground, so you can be certain you're getting the most competitive price in Amherst, Ohio and surrounding areas. Our clients often remark on how much they appreciate our straightforward, no-nonsense approach to excavation. We remove all the financial guesswork, allowing you to focus on how beautiful your property will be, rather than how much it will cost you.

Grading & Excavation


If you are noticing excessive water buildup around your lawn, T&T Landscaping can solve this issue with an effective lawn drainage system. Implementing a proper lawn drainage system can save you thousands in the long run, especially with installation from the experts at T&T Landscaping.

Unlike other drainage contractors, we take all necessary steps to ensure the water drainage problem is managed correctly. We have the appropriate equipment and the expert know-how to ensure the specific water drainage system installed in your yard can handle the amount of water involved and continue to work for years to come.

Don’t let an uncontrolled water problem ruin your outdoor experience, cause damage to the yard, or destroy your home. Instead, call T&T Landscaping to request an estimate on our professional landscape drainage solutions.

Drain Tile Installation

lawn installation

At T&T Landscaping, we understand that a great lawn is a hard thing to achieve. That’s why we’re here to help you with our excellent turf, sod, and grass services. If your lawn is beyond repair we’ll be there to install a lovely new layer to restore your yard to its former glory.

T&T Landscaping uses a wide array of techniques to ensure that you end up with the best looking lawn on the block. Our skilled team of sod and turf installers are experts at laying down new sod or grass in Amherst, Ohio and surrounding areas. A well-manicured lawn can make all the difference in the appearance of your yard and home. Plus, a beautiful lush carpet of grass isn’t just pleasing to the eye; a terrific lawn will actually raise the property value of your home.

Lawn Installation


Nothing will enhance the naturally attractive quality of your property more than a welcoming outdoor living space with a custom built structure overseeing it. Add a few outdoor couches and chairs or fill the space with a table and some barbecuing equipment; either way, it is the ideal haven for your family and friends on a Sunday afternoon. Here, in the shade provided by our outdoor structures, you will be refreshed by the breeze and enamored with the dancing sunlight around you. There is no better place to rest, be rejuvenated, and prepare for the week ahead.

At T&T Landscaping, we know that every person has their own style and every area is unique. Because we want to ensure that you love every part of your outdoor structure, we give you the chance to custom build your own. Choose from our variety of sizes, colors, posts, and roofing options to create your perfect structure. Whether you prefer a sturdy wooden material or want something more convenient like vinyl, you are sure to find a style that will match your space and your personality.

Outdoor Structures


Once we've designed and installed an amazing landscape around your home, you'll need someone to maintain it. You can trust T&T Landscaping to keep your property looking beautiful all year ‘round with our lawn and landscape maintenance services. Maintain your home's curb appeal and set the tone for your neighborhood. We offer a variety of lawn and landscape maintenance services, including lawn mowing and much more.

Our complete lawn care services include: edging, tree and shrub pruning, weed control, fertilizer, irrigation services, enhancement consultation and design, water usage audit, etc. Sign up for our lawn mowing services for a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance appointment. Whatever maintenance your property requires, one of the professionals at T&T Landscaping with reach out regularly to ensure all your needs are being met and that your landscaping is as beautiful as when it was installed.

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance


Whether you need a complete design/build installation or routine landscaping maintenance services, our fully licensed and insured, local team has the knowledge and experience to bring your dream landscaping to life. Check out our portfolio to see first-hand the work we’ve done for our neighbors.


Fill out our online form to request a complimentary quote or call the professionals at T&T Landscaping and get started today.


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